Vermont Symphony Orchestra


Love is in the Air!

Cupid is frolicking in the air this month, and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, no one is guaranteed safe from his quiver and bow. If as Shakespeare said, “Music be the food of love,” these musical couples are feasting! Get to know some of the musical lovebirds in[…]

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Five-Question Interviews

Wondering what our musicians have been up to lately?  Over the past few months, our Marketing Manager caught up with several of them to ask them each the same five questions: What was a typical workday like for you before the pandemic? What is a typical day like for you[…]

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Q & A with Matthew Evan Taylor

Matthew Evan Taylor is a Vermont artist we’re beyond grateful to have crossed paths with. A saxophonist with extensive touring experience, Matthew is also a composer and an Assistant Professor of Music at Middlebury College. In 2019, Matthew wrote a score to accompany a new film on our Made in[…]

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Q&A with Chris Brubeck

To say that Chris Brubeck is an accomplished musician is an understatement.  A trombonist, bassist, and pianist, Brubeck balances a busy touring and recording schedule with his work as an educator and Grammy-nominated composer.  And if the Brubeck name rings a bell, that may be because Chris Brubeck comes from[…]

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