Vermont Symphony Orchestra

About Us

tent_resevoirWho We Are

“The Vermont Symphony Orchestra has been a key player in this state’s arts community for nearly 80 years, bringing music not only to performance halls, but school gymnasiums, armories and even hillsides – anywhere Vermonters would gather to enjoy and share all forms of music. I appreciate the VSO’s commitment to our local communities, our schools and our vibrant arts scene. This is truly our Vermont Symphony Orchestra!” — Governor Peter Shumlin, 2013.

With around 40 annual performances statewide in concert halls, beautiful natural settings, and historic and community buildings, the Vermont Symphony Orchestra has proven its value and sustainability, not only as the nation’s oldest state-assisted orchestra, but as one of the finest of its size. In addition to concert programming, SymphonyKids presentations annually reach thousands of school children statewide. The VSO serves year round with in-school educational programming, children’s concerts, and composer residencies, as well as choral and chamber music concerts.

VSO Mission Statement

The Vermont Symphony Orchestra fosters and encourages the love of music throughout Vermont. 


VSO Values

  • MUSIC: We enrich lives through performances and educational programs of the highest caliber. 
  • STATEWIDE COMMUNITY: Through music, we commit to strengthening the social fabric of Vermont by meeting the needs of our communities, transcending geographic and demographic boundaries.  
  • INCLUSIVITY: We believe in actively taking part in the work toward equity, diversity, and access, in order to rebalance historic inequities. 
  • CREATIVITY: We value innovative and original ideas and their application to performing and teaching music and solving problems.  
  • STEWARDSHIP: We recognize the importance of managing and maximizing our resources honestly, prudently, and transparently. 


VSO Vision Statement

To be the cultural and social leader in Vermont through music.


VSO Strategic Plan (2022-2025)

GOAL 1: Providing meaningful, evocative, and high caliber musical experiences

To put VSO’s professional musicians at the front and center of its performances and educational programming
To put resources behind broad and innovative audience-building activities
To revitalize and empower the Artistic Committee and its charter
To ensure two-way communications with audiences and stakeholders

GOAL 2: Being integral to statewide music education

To continually expand the number of participants engaged and the geographic reach of our educational programs
To strengthen and establish new strategic links with youth music programs
To empower and ensure the vitality of the Education Committee and its charter

GOAL 3: Embedding racial and socioeconomic equity in the work of the VSO

To standardize inclusion of traditionally underrepresented artists and composers in VSO programming
To actively seek out, develop and engage audiences in all sectors of Vermont society
To achieve broader, more diverse representation throughout the organization’s constituencies

GOAL 4: Operating a sustainable non-profit business

To engage exemplary people to run a best-in-class organization
To grow and maintain a healthy financial position
To align artistic planning with available resources
To enhance our name recognition and build an increasingly relevant brand