Vermont Symphony Orchestra

VSO Friends Committees

The VSO travels throughout the state to present live music performances that focus on connecting communities through music. To assist us with this, the VSO has two Friends Committees that serve to support VSO’s educational and artistic programs in their respective regions.

North Country

Sally Rivard, Chair, Jay (click here for email)
Wendy Franklin, Vice-Chair, Newport
Leanne Desjardins, Newport Center

Stephen Card, Newport
Richard Lafoe, Newport

Isobel Marks, Newport Center
Ruth Marquette, Newport
Christopher Sellers, N. Troy
Kimberlee Strepka, Newport
Susan Watson, Newport


Carol DeVine, Chair, Belmont (click here for email)
Betti Jaquay, Tinmouth
Pamela Myers, Belmont
Ivanna Reed, Peru

Jenny Tebbs, Castleton
Victoria Young, Proctor