Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Student Insiders Prep 2024

We’re glad you’re joining us for the Student Insiders concert on March 3, 2024: “The Hollywood Sound.”  Our conductor Andrew Crust has prepared a series of short videos to introduce you to the music and the composers that we’ll hear in the concert. 

Please also join us before the concert for a live chat with Maestro Crust, in a live talk designed especially for kids.

Click below to view each video, and see you on March 3!


Prep Materials for Student Insiders: The Hollywood Sound

MAX STEINER   Casablanca Suite

BERNARD HERRMANN  Psycho Suite for Strings

NINO ROTA   Godfather Suite

JOE HISAISHI   Symphonic Variation “Merry-Go-Round” from Howl’s Moving Castle


ERICH KORNGOLD   Violin Concerto in d major, op. 35