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Vermont Symphony Orchestra Mandates Covid-19 Vaccine

Effective September 1, all VSO contracted musicians, staff, guest artists and venue technical crew and staff where the VSO performs will be working under a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Audiences can be assured that all individuals hired by the VSO, regardless of their role in the company, will have received one of the three vaccines recommended by the CDC.

This mandate was initiated and put into place in equal part by VSO management, in consultation with the Executive Committee of the VSO Board of Directors, and the Boston Musicians Union representing VSO’s contracted musicians.

“This decision was made on broad consultation with VSO staff, board and musicians and with continued reference to practices being put in place with other orchestras and performing arts venues across the country. It is one very significant step in the hard work of keeping everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Elise Brunelle, Executive Director.