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Overheard in the Orchestra: Musicians Share Thoughts on Returning to Live Performance

We recently asked our artists what excites them the most about returning to live performance. Here’s what a few of them had to share:

Shelagh Abate, Principal Horn

“Being away from my VSO family all this time has helped me appreciate making music with people I already loved so much more. I am ecstatic at the prospect of these upcoming outdoor concerts: seeing my friends and playing Hoe-Down with the naturally spectacular backdrop of Vermont in the background from my usual vantage point in the back of the orchestra. It’s a thought that actually gets me verklempt. Every single time.”

Kathy Andrew, Assistant Concertmaster

“I am looking forward to performing again with the VSO chamber orchestra, on a stage, for a live audience, in an enjoyable concert of a really well-crafted and interesting program. I’m really looking forward to backing Francesca Blanchard and playing for Matt LaRocca. Should be a fun time!”

Jeremy Levine, Timpani

“I am most looking forward to two things. The first is just being on stage again, in person, performing for a live audience, with my amazing colleagues in the Vermont Symphony Orchestra. The second is being up in Vermont for my thirteenth summer for our summer concert. I love the state of Vermont, and I have missed being there doing what I love most — playing music!”

Melissa Mielens, Principal Flute

“I most look forward to just seeing and playing with my friends and colleagues next week. Exchanging smiles, connecting via music making is something I have sorely missed. It will feed my soul to play with others, and I hope and expect it will bring joy and a sense of community and camaraderie to both the musicians and the audience.”