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People Are Talking: Music for Days Like This

We’ve heard from many audience members after our November and December Music for Days Like This concerts. People are saying things like:

“Wonderful! It is great to hear “new” music.” – Bill

“Such an eclectic and interesting program, with impeccable and engaging performances! You’ve made delicious lemonade out of the lemons that 2020 has grown at us. Though we miss in-person full-ensemble concerts, this is in several ways richer and more enjoyable, with music we’d be unlikely to hear in any other situation.” – Barb & Dean

We’ve also heard from several of the composers about the amazing experience:

“I greatly enjoyed the concert and having my music be part of it. Please pass along my congratulations to all the musicians involved for an outstanding performance!” – Josh Gottry

“You should be very proud of what you are doing to provide your patrons with quality programming during this difficult time when live audiences are not viable. The production and sound were top notch.” – Carole Rabinowitz

Missed those two concerts? Join us for our next online concerts: Jukebox, streaming on February 27 and Music for Days Like This, streaming online starting March 27