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VSO Welcomes Sasha Vaut as Director of Philanthropy

Returning to Vermont has always been part of my plan – but never did I think it would be in association with a true passion of mine: music. From an early age, music was an integral part of my life. I never truly excelled at any one instrument (my early violin recital is a form of torture to re-watch), but in the exposure, I found a deep love of music that crossed all genres, instruments, composers and artists.

The majority of my career has been focused in healthcare non-profits. I’ve been fortunate enough to support some incredible missions including a Vermont-based non-profit that organized Wiffle ball tournaments for Type 1 diabetes. Most recently, I served as the Walk Manager for the American Cancer Society’s oldest and largest one-day breast cancer walk located in Boston, MA, raising $2.5 million annually.

My love for music and experience in fundraising & development work, allowed me to combine my skills and passion to support a true Vermont treasure. In our small but thriving and precocious state, we are truly lucky to be rich with talent and support for the creative arts.

Together, I look forward to breaking down the stereotypes and barriers that surround traditional classical music. While it’s important to celebrate and support the fundamentals of this incredibly rich and diverse genre, I am excited to see the creative programming and enhanced standard performances that are on the schedule. From our current Innovation Fund and “Jukebox” performances, to our traditional Masterworks Series, we are building out a menu of programs that will truly allow the Vermont Symphony Orchestra to be something for everyone in Vermont.

As we go into this new year, I encourage you to embrace and take ownership of YOUR Vermont Symphony, by investing in our future. Whether you’re a rock n’ roll fan who appreciates the classically trained artists in your favorite band, to a true classical music purist, to someone who just enjoys an evening of wonderful music, this is your opportunity to continue to invest in the cultural health of our beloved state and in a true Vermont treasure. If you are interested in supporting your Vermont Symphony Orchestra, please do not hesitate to contact me at or 802-864-5741 x25.