Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Bob Kenny

Bob retired in 2018, from the Presidency at Goddard College in Plainfield, VT. Since then, he has worked as a consultant for The Registry, taking on interim leadership roles at colleges and universities in the U.S. Northeast. Prior to taking on roles in higher educational leadership, Bob spent more than 30 years as a professor in the department of business and accounting at Saint Michael’s College.

Bob grew up in Burlington, VT and earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree at UVM. He earned his CPA shortly after graduating and worked as an auditor for a large national accounting firm, followed by his return to Burlington to a position at a small local accounting firm, which, over the years, has morphed into Gallagher Flynn & Company, LLC. Bob has volunteered in various ways for many leading community non-profit organizations. In this way he has contributed, to their missions which in sum amounts to improving our communities, their beneficial services, and cultures. At present Bob is serving as Vice Chair of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors, previously having served as Chair and Treasurer.

Bob and his spouse, Pat Suozzi, live in Hinesburg, VT while their 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren live outside VT, they still think of VT lovingly. Whereas age has slowed Bob’s athletic activities, he still plays “old man” tennis, along with taking hikes and walks with Pat, whenever he can.