Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Robert Hoveland

Where were you born and (if different) where did you grow up?: I was born in Albuquerque, NM but grew up in Plano, TX

Current residence and marital status/family (including pets): I live in Milton, MA with my partner Rachael and our fat cat, Mortimer Ignacious Fancycat, esq. ( I would advise against hiring him for any lawyerly needs you may have.)

Education: BM Eastman School of Music, MM University of Texas at Austin, DMA Boston University

When did you start playing with the VSO?: I think I played my first summer tour in 2013, but I’ve been in the second trombone chair since fall 2022

Other current jobs besides VSO: I am assistant principal trombone for the Hartford and New Bedford Symphonies and Principal Trombone in the Cape Symphony. I also teach a few students.

Favorite composer: I know it’s cliche but I really love Beethoven. Also Mendelssohn. And Shostakovich. And Mozart. I guess it’s hard to choose.

Hobbies: I love to cook, take easy hikes, and I am always searching for a great dive bar.

How did you get started in music?: I started in 6th grade band

Describe a typical day: I usually wake up around 930 or 10. Make an overly elaborate breakfast. Go for a walk. Teach for a few hours. Drive to rehearsal. Rehearse. Drive home. Usually watch some TV with Rachael.

Dream job if not musician: Professional gambler but I’m not good enough at math

Secret ambition: To be on Jeopardy!

Favorite vice: I guess I abhor mediocrity so I like really, really nice beer or really, really terrible beer.

People would be surprised to know that: I currently own 8 trombones (much to Rachael’s chagrin)

Best advice I ever got: Great musician doesn’t always mean great person

Favorite way to spend an evening: At a dinner party with friends

Pet peeve: Social media bragging

I’m most proud of: My Family