Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Paulina Dixon

-Where were you born and (if different) where did you grow up?

 Born and raised in Dallas, Texas.

-Current residence and marital status/family (including pets):

 Currently living in Boston, MA with my husband!


 I received my BM from Baylor University and MM from University of Michigan.

-When did/(will) you start playing with the VSO?

 My first concert will be in March! 

-Other current jobs besides VSO:

 I am currently a freelancer in the Boston area and hold a position with the New Bedford Symphony.

-Favorite composer:

 Brahms…or Mahler. Mahler’s Second Symphony holds a special place in my heart.


 I love to cook! It brings me great joy to serve others with a home cooked meal.

-How did you get started in music?

 I started in my school’s band in sixth grade. My directors were very intentional about making music fun, first. Their philosophy is why I continue to be involved in music today. It’s fun!

-Describe a typical day:

 I’m pretty new to the area, so my days are a bit relaxed right now. I try to fit in some quiet time to meditate and read, time to try out a new recipe, and of course lots of time to practice!

-Dream job if not musician:

 I think in another life, I would be a screenwriter. 

-Secret ambition:

I would love to play on a film/TV/video game soundtrack. It’s a tough business, but I grew up with the movies so to take part in one would be so cool. Another ambition of mine is to learn how to bake a red velvet cake from scratch.

-Favorite vice:

 Chocolate…or reality tv. Or both.

-People would be surprised to know that:

 I enjoy following Formula One racing. 

-Favorite way to spend an evening:

 Curled up on the couch with my husband, buttered popcorn and a movie.

-Pet peeve:

 Banging my knee on the dining room table. 

-I’m most proud of:

Sticking through two music degrees. It wasn’t always fun, especially through the pandemic, but I have an education that I will always be grateful for!