Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Laura Markowitz

Where were you born and (if different) where did you grow up? Born in Philadelphia, grew up in Pittsburgh

Current residence and marital status/family (including pets): Live in Jericho with partner John Dunlop and cat, Willy

Education: Bachelors in Music from Indiana University. Graduate studies at Akron University

When did you start playing with the VSO? Fall of 1991

Other current jobs besides VSO: teach violin at Browns River Middle School, private teaching

Favorite composer: Beethoven

Hobbies: Gardening, hiking, kayaking, community organizing

How did you get started in music? Started playing in school. As soon as I started private lessons, was more or less hooked.

Describe a typical day: Morning projects include practicing, arranging music or gardening. Then preparing lunch, most delightful meal of the day. Bike commute to studio for teaching, evening rehearsal or relaxation.

Dream job if not musician: Wildlife biologist

Secret ambition: To live in a thriving “transition town”

People would be surprised to know that: I’m a glutton for sweets

Best advice I ever got: Prepare 150% for each performance

Favorite way to spend an evening: Jamming with friends

Pet peeve: Greed