Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Katherine Winterstein

Where were you born and (if different) where did you grow up? Born Corvallis, OR; grew up in Seattle and Baltimore.

Current residence and marital status/family: Boston with my son Gus

Education: BM from Eastman; MM from Boston University

When did you start playing with the VSO? 1997

Other current jobs besides VSO: Concertmaster Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra; acting assistant concertmaster Rhode Island Philharmonic; Handel & Haydn; Boston Modern Orchestra Project; Craftsbury Chamber Players; teach at Brown University and Hartt College of Music.

Favorite composer: Beethoven

How did you get started in music? I started at age four because of jealousy of older brothers who had already begun lessons.

Describe a typical day: no such thing

Dream job if not musician: sculptor

Secret ambition: kung fu action star

Best advice I ever got: get a tape recorder

Favorite way to spend an evening: on stage with late Beethoven quartet

Pet peeve: “irregardless,” “that’s for she and I to decide,” etc.