Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Evan Runyon

Where were you born and (if different) where did you grow up?: Born in Somerville, NJ and grew up in Tucson, AZ. 

Current residence and marital status/family (including pets): My wife and I live in Troy, NY with our dog Alejandro and cats Jupiter, Eva, Lulu, Mars and Busy. 

Education: Grad work with Robert Black at the Hartt School, undergrad at University of Arizona where I did composition and jazz and only touched a bow like three times. 

When did you start playing with the VSO? Won the job in 2019, first gig in 2020. 

Other current jobs besides VSO: Laundry list of mid-sized new/early music groups around New York City, Germany and Austria. 

Favorite composers: Charles Mingus, Lena Raine. 

Hobbies: Rebuilding/repairing vintage analog electronics. Speedrunning 2D platformers. 

How did you get started in music? In seventh grade I desperately wanted to play in Bad Religion, so I convinced my parents to buy me an electric guitar (a 1989 candy apple red Squier II Stratocaster which I still have!). 

Describe a typical day: The only constant is waking up at 6:00 a.m. to feed the cats, walk the dog and drink what is almost certainly an unhealthy amount of coffee. 

Dream job if not musician: Videogame designer. 

Secret ambition: A desk not covered in cat hair. 

Favorite vice: I’m a fan of all of them. 

People would be surprised to know that: The best-paying single day of work in music I’ve ever had was in 2012, when I pretended to play the trombone for a music video. 

Best advice I ever got: “Nobody cares what you do.” – John Hodgman 

Favorite way to spend an evening: If the missus offers to walk the dog that’ll pretty much do it for me. 

Pet peeve: Anyone that refers to a Lamborghini as a “lambo.” 

I’m most proud of: Anytime someone comments on how friendly and/or cute any one of my pets is.