Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Taste Test at Deli 126

Haven’t you always wanted to learn about classical music in a 1920s lounge? Well, now you can! Taste Test is the Vermont Symphony Orchestra’s music education series for adults, where VSO violinist Jane Kittredge and Executive Director Ben Cadwallader provide an interactive presentation about the composers and works featured at the VSO’s upcoming Masterworks concert. The April edition of Taste Test will be in the Lounge at Deli 126. It’s a unique and informal experience where you’re free to ask questions and chime in with ideas as we explore works by Ravel, Bruch, and Rachmaninoff together. Delicious cocktails and light fare will be available for purchase from Deli 126.

Attendees will receive a $15 voucher which can be applied towards the cost of an upcoming VSO concert at the Flynn.

For venue accessibility information, please call Deli 126 at (802) 399-2661.