Vermont Symphony Orchestra

For Teachers and Parents

Dear Parents and Teachers,

Thank you for offering this opportunity to your students. We are thrilled to welcome you to Castleton on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, and so are the generous community members who made this opportunity possible.


Pre-concert Lesson

This activity is designed to help your students prepare for the concert by learning about the critical role that music plays in movies.  The materials in this lesson can be used by all your students, whether or not they’re all attending the concert.


Online version , for individual student use:

Online Student Activity


Printable PDF worksheets, for classroom use:

Student Insiders 2023 pre-concert activity

Student Insiders 2023 pre-concert activity teacher guide

Referenced video clips:

Clip 1, Charlie Chaplin

Clip 2, Lord of the Rings

Clip 3, The Twilight Zone

Clip 4, Loony Tunes


Spread the word!

Below are materials for you to use in promoting Student Insiders to your community. Remember: There are no costs associated with this program and each student ticket includes a chaperone ticket for an accompanying adult.